Our Story

As individuals with unique histories, perspectives, fears, and dreams, we can't quite escape the difficulties that come with life’s twists and turns.

We can, however, take the time to explore ourselves on a deeper level, challenging our underlying fears and leaning into our greatest hopes for the future.


Whether you’re struggling with low self-worth, difficult relationships, past trauma, or simply need a safe space to share your innermost thoughts, ReNu Counselling & Psychotherapy is dedicated to providing gentle guidance using an evidence-based approach that’s designed to empower you to reach your full potential.


Founded by Kinesiologist turned Psychotherapist, Renee Raymond, ReNu was created as a response to the need for culturally-competent care that meets patients’ diverse social, cultural, and linguistic needs. Passionate about making a tangible impact in her community, Renee founded ReNu amid the global pandemic. Since its inception, ReNu has flourished into a highly respected and trusted clinic serving individuals from all walks of life in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

At ReNu, we recognize that an individual's culture and life experiences have a profound effect on who they are, how they see the world, and what values they hold dear

Keeping this awareness in mind, we integrate a deep sense of cultural sensitivity into our therapeutic approach, remaining mindful that each person is wholly unique and requires focused support and expert guidance to thrive.


Our individual-first outlook means we invest time into understanding the people we work with, allowing their backgrounds, culture, and perspective to inform our work. With a focus on BIPOC communities, we welcome individuals from all ethnic, social, and religious backgrounds, and our diverse team of doctorate-level trained therapists reflects this commitment. In addition, we offer our services in five languages to ensure that we empower people from all walks of life with access to supportive, compassionate treatment.

Our practice invites individuals, couples, and families for virtual and/or in-person counseling and psychotherapy sessions focusing on a wide range of issues, including anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD, and the challenges faced by high-performance athletes. Since our founding, we have had the privilege to work with national team athletes, Indigenous people, refugee claimants, Uber Canada, and the Black Physicians Association of Ontario, and we have provided expert commentary and insight into mental health on Global News and City News 680.


Take your time to browse through our site and meet our therapists or view our range of services. When you’re ready to take the first step, reach out to us and start the conversation so we can begin your journey toward a fulfilled and purposeful life.

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