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A headshot of Renee Raymond, Clinic Director and Senior Therapist at Renu Counselling

Renee Raymond, the Clinic Director for ReNu Counselling & Therapy is available to speak at corporate events, panels, webinars, and other engagements. She has been a frequent guest on podcasts and has experience speaking to large and small groups.

 You can explore some of her past podcasts, articles and appearances below. 


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A collection of various logos where Renu Counselling has been featured in Canada including BPAO, Global News, Uber, City News 680,, Interac

Panels & Events

6 Days of Your Health Summit

Panelist discussing the importance of mental wellness and starting your mental health journey

Interac Canada

Facilitating an allyship webinar for employees and management

Black Physician’s Association of Ontario

Panellist discussing burnout and self-care - Toronto Regional Summit

Panellist discussing mental health and wellness during the youth panel

TV & Podcasts

The pursuit of knowledge and the desire to grow will allow you to reach your potential. One of the things that has helped me over the years in achieving my health goals is my desire to seek out knowledge to allow me to become a healthier version of myself.

Welcome to Health Your Own Way Weekly Podcast!Host: Mo.AkinsI upload new episodes every Friday and video recording of each episode is available on YouTube!Today’s episode we will be discussing How To Keep Your Mental Health In Check During The Pandemic.

Lambda Mu Mu (Canadian chapter of the Omega Psi Chi Fraternity) – discussing mental health

The man who turned around a WestJet flight from Toronto to Jamaica on Monday just two hours into the flight says he did it in an attempt to go viral. On the flight the 29 year old man stood up and announced he had contracted the coronavirus on a recent trip to China.

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