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ReNu Counselling & Psychotherapy in Ottawa: Your Compass to Emotional Well-being

Nestled in the heart of Canada’s capital, ReNu Counselling & Psychotherapy stands as a beacon of hope amidst Ottawa’s historic landmarks and vibrant communities.

Dedicated to serving Ottawa’s diverse populace, our therapists weave together a blend of traditional and contemporary modalities, offering guidance tailored to your unique journey in this city of heritage and innovation.

Services at Renu Counselling

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Individual Therapy or Counselling

Embark on a journey of introspection amidst Ottawa’s tranquil waterways and iconic Parliament views. At Renu Counselling, our Individual Therapy sessions are tailored to resonate with your unique life narrative in Canada’s capital.

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Couples Therapy or

In a city where the old meets the new, relationships too can face intersections of challenges and growth. Let Renu Counselling’s Couples Therapy in Ottawa guide your relationship through its seasons, fostering deeper connections and understanding.

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Family Therapy or

As Ottawa celebrates its rich history, we understand that every family has its own legacy and stories. Our Family Therapy sessions are designed to harmonize family dynamics, ensuring each member feels valued and heard amidst the city’s tapestry of cultures.

Reflecting Ottawa's Diversity

At ReNu Counselling & Psychotherapy, we recognize the importance of this cultural tapestry. Our team is a reflection of Ottawa’s multifaceted community. With therapists from diverse backgrounds and expertise, we’re uniquely positioned to understand and resonate with the varied experiences of our clients. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that every individual, regardless of their heritage or journey, finds a therapeutic approach that aligns with their identity and needs.

Whether you’re an Ottawa native or have found your home in this welcoming city, ReNu Counselling & Psychotherapy is here to ensure your therapy experience feels as familiar and understanding as the community itself.

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Helen Yoseph

Paul Mensah

Thanh Ly

Hanna Mah

Diverse Modalities

Drawing inspiration from Ottawa's blend of history and modernity, we offer therapies that cater to a wide range of emotional landscapes.

Easily Accessible

Serving the heart of Ottawa, Renu Counselling ensures therapy is within your reach, be it through serene in-person sessions or adaptive virtual appointments.

Experienced Therapists

Our team not only mirrors Ottawa's rich cultural diversity but also its spirit of unity, ensuring every individual feels a genuine connection.

At Renu Counselling & Psychotherapy Services, we offer both in-person and virtual appointments to make accessing therapy as easy and convenient as possible. If you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey, please reach out to ReNu Counselling & Psychotherapy today and take the first step towards a brighter tomorrow.

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